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Saran P
I never usually review any app on the play store but this one deserves it! Amazing app that has a lot of the essential TA tools.. It'll be even better if you guys can add an option to enter or short or long position at one point and see what are risk:reward ratio and your profit or loss percentage will be, just like in tradingview.. Also add the option to add trend lines to the RSI and MACD indicators..
Nubi Queen
Awsome app for Tracking and Trading crypto. As of now from my perspective TabTrader is 2nd 2 none.
nils quinta
Best app ever for crypto trading. Love that you can set alerts and see orders on the chart. Just great, keep it up.
Jonas Hellström
Amazing mobile trading app. Don't think, just get it.
It's a very good and FREE program.
Paresh Bajaria
Great app, fantastic chart presentations and very clear layouts
Trading instruments in your pocket
Trade on your smartphone wherever you are online. Place orders at a specific price level. Buy and sell coins at the best prices.
All the main crypto exchanges on one screen
You no longer have to switch between multiple apps and accounts. Manage all your exchange accounts through a unified interface. Follow the exchange rate of coins on a single screen.
Technical analysis
Make charts, add trend, horizontal lines and technical indicators with ease. The forecast will help you finetune your strategy, maximise returns and minimise losses.
Reliable push notifications
Set up your desired price brackets and receive push notifications about events. You no longer need to constantly monitor charts; now you won't miss important trade opportunities. Push notifications arrive immediately and don't use mobile data.
Your data is protected
The app connects to wallets via API keys which are either kept on an exchange in encrypted form or are in the possession of users themselves. All trading takes place directly on an exchange - TabTrader does not have access to your money.
How to add API keys via QR code
Active Support
Reach out to our tech support straight from the app via chat or find the answer to your question in our convenient knowledge base.
Hello! How can I help you?
My notifications don't work
Try going into settings and turning on notification delivery for TabTrader.
Okay, give me a sec
So did it work?
Yes, it's all working now, thank you!
Excellent! Glad we could help you.
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